How To Know If A Guy Likes You Over Text?

You gave your contact to a hot guy, and you have been texting each other for some time now. However, you are wondering if that man likes or just playing his games on you; we got you covered.

How to know if he likes you through text

Relying on social interactions and body language cannot be effective like the texts. However, texting seems to be a fantastic way to know potential partners. Consider the below guide to find out the texting hints.

Here is how to tell if a guy likes you over text

  • Your guy texts back immediately

You can feel secure that your hot man likes you by texting back immediately. In this case, it means he is developing feelings towards you. Basically, responding at a quicker rate means this man has a genuine interest in having a conversation with you.

 Also, it shows his target is not only playing games on you but true love maybe. And if he takes more time to text or replies the text you, then he might be having essential things right on his mind or either avoiding you.[Read: How To Tell If A Guy Is Interested Or Just Being Friendly]

  • He allows you to know when he cannot text back

If you guy has your feelings, then he cannot waste your time. With the fact that he would like to text you back 24/7, remember he may be having other obligations. Therefore, rather than forcing you to typically wait for him to text back for a long time, he will straight tell you he is running some errands and he will be back soon. When he is done, he will probably hit your inbox. Invariably, a guy who cares about his girlfriend will typically show someone consideration.

  • He wishes that you together not texting.

This guy will always be wishing if you are together seeing each other. Thus, he will keep dropping some hints that he wishes to be there with you. Therefore, he can text things like, ” I should work; otherwise I would be there with you hanging out.”

  • He often puts some flirty emojis on the text.

Besides, a few guys may not be much to using the emojis or maybe don’t understand them. Thus, don’t stress yourself so much if the guy you love interests only sticks to words. In this case, he will be sending the flirty emojis liberally.

Some common ones such guys send are the smiley face, heart eyes emoji with wink emoji, and tongue sticking out. This simply means this guy likes you.[Related:10 Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You]

  • He likes when you tell him about your day.

When a guy loves or likes even a little, he keeps asking and texting you about your class, work, day, what you took for lunch, etc. And a great gesture is when he remembers some topics or information that you had told him. [Read: How To Know If A Guy Likes You But Hidding It]

 Now, if he mostly asks you about the doctor appointments, maybe that you discussed with him weeks ago, then you are lucky. Overall, he does not only text you the general things which add up the day but still other surrounding things connected to your life. Therefore, this is a clear love language that he adores.

  • He compliments you

A guy who truly likes you will be mentioning the little things that he likes or preferably notices about you. If he keeps texting, mentioning to you that you looked pretty the last time,  telling you how he liked or likes your perfume, hair, or body shape, and Complementing the color of your mouth or eyes. All these are ways to compliment a woman. But, of course, a guy who knows you well, will not stop obsessing about his girlfriend’s points.

  • He texts you random things to only make you laugh.

Being funny is cute. A guy who likes you will be regularly texting his woman jokes, memes, or hilarious anecdotes. He genuinely cares about what can make you laugh and be happy. If he really makes a laugh, then it’s a sign that he has a sense of humor with you. And this is super essential, most probably when planning to get into a future relationship with him.[Related: How To Know If He Is A Player]

  • He doesn’t send so many texts row texts.

A man who likes you is in fear not looking desperate to someone he like. Therefore, he tries to as possible avoid texting your many times, too many texts in a row, especially when you are replying. On the other side, the guy who is just playing on you will don’t worry about this he keeps sending too many messages whether you are replying or not.

  • He even texts you when drunk.

This is not for the people man who doesn’t like you, whenever drunk he cannot remember you at any point. However, the guy who is obsessed with you will text you when he is in a club drinking. The experts say that alcohol brings the truth, lowers inhibitions, and also brings emotions out.

Thus, if a guy starts getting more cute and flirty when he has taken some bottles of wine, then he likes it. But if he only texts you when drunk and when not, he does not text you, then this is a sign of love.

  • He likes your stories.

A hot dude who is in love with you will always focus on knowing about you. In this case, he will be trying to dig you so you can open up more about your stories. He can ask some questions which require longer answers about your life. He also likes to listen to your stories, personal experiences and pick your brain.

  • He sends the texts first.

What do you wake up to every day? Is it a good evening and good morning from your hot dude? Do you get his messages when at work, soon after you leave work? If you just answered yes, then he likes you?

Final word

Coming up with a genuine conclusion about whether your hot dude likes you or not is not as easy as we think, without any supportive guide. However, our above guide will significantly help you with this challenging task. Also, when using text to know if a guy likes you, we advise you to go with your gut feeling. All the best

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