How To Know If A Guy Is Playing You Or Really Likes you

As women, We have been worrying about if the man we love really loves us back or just playing to us. Your time and love are more valuable. Therefore, if you are in a relationship or just got into a relationship, this guide will significantly help you to find out how to know if a guy is playing you or really likes you.

how to know if a guy is a player

There are some signs that you should look for that will make the difference if a guy really likes you. when a man likes you, he will react and speak a certain way around you.

How Do You Know If A Player Actually Likes You?

There are some signs that will help you understand if the guy really likes you or just playing games. Pay attention to the tips below:

  • Spot if he is over flattery

Avoid falling into a trap with a man who does not love you by noticing him earlier. In most cases, a player man will get more interested in you at first sight than anyone else has before. Unfortunately, the high chances of such men will cheat, leaving someone after they fulfill their interest with affirmation and physical intimacy.

For example, Pay attention because flattery may also be sincere. Be aware of how often, how much what to which degree your man flatters. This is because a flatting guy who is faking love will get over the top. He will fake it by getting you to feel important by maybe pretending you share the same interest etc.

  • Study his smoothness

Genuine men who are players won’t be stammering nervous around a woman. He flirts with his lady with ease as he had practiced it, and of course, it’s their game. For example, he will brim confidently, tell you nice things, and talk with ease via speaking in generalities, not including meaningful information for the first date. A guy who is after something not true love will do this right before he gets to understand you more. Overall, their words sound artificial and fake.

  • Pay attention to what he say’s to other ex-girlfriends

A big percentage of a player guy has hurt many girls or women before. And to throw you right off the scent, this guy will project this behavior to you by acting as if he was just victimized by them. In most cases, he will talk trash about his exes even by calling them crazy or psycho, trying to make you sympathize with him thinking he was the victim.

  • Think of what he does not like mentioning

There are some words a player man will never mention to you. For example, he is unlikely to mention, “I love you. “Despite of that, some players may say it, just know that what they say is not from their heart. If a man really loves you, he will try to cherish you, checking on you to make sure you are okay and happy.

Secondly, a player guy will not give you a chance to decide when it comes to an outing, and this is because he is really not interested in your desires, hobbies, activities, or your life. In this case, you will notice that such guys stay in control of the venue and timing. And in some cases, he prefers meeting you’re at your home, or he’s so others won’t notice

How to know if a guy is a player or really serious serious?

You will need to pay attention to his body language, how he reacts around you when you are trying to learn how to know if a guy is playing or really likes you.

Understanding how the player man acts

  • Spot if he often moves too quickly

Basically, a player guy will get more interested in the physical contact right away with you. He never takes it slow but always chasing hard and eager to only get what he wants. In this case, he may first touch you when you first met. After that, he is not even bothering to develop emotional intimacy simply because he just wants physical intimacy.

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Further, by your second date, he might stay demanding physical with you. His patience will be no longer there, already exhausted. He will try kissing you even if you are not comfortable with it. And when he senses you are slower in fulfilling his will, he will automatically dump you and look for another woman to get this chance.

  • He often flirts other women

These guys who like playing around women so much will never get satisfied just with you. Rather, they will always seek the affirmation right from other women, even sometimes do so when he is around you.[ How To Tell If A Guy Really Likes You Or Just Want To Sleep With You]

 Notice if you’re guy likes getting pleasure and spotlight from the female attention. This is because he is after capturing as many ladies as possible. In most cases, he will flirt with other girls by telling jokes, smiling also initiating a friendly conversation. And in case you ask him, he will probably deny saying that he even does not have any feelings towards them.

  • Pat attention to his actions

Don’t only focus on your boyfriend’s words. Rather, pay attention to the actions as well. Player guys tend to do many things, like if they are acting, as a specific chore just to get attract your attention. His pretty words are mostly designed to eventually flatter you into liking him. Notice if the guy vanishes for extended periods and texts late at night.

 The player will hide aspects and get mysterious of his personal life. On the other side, a genuine guy makes you feel free by giving you the actual dates, making you meet his family and friends, etc. Further, non-player will always plan everything with you.

  • Does he answer the phone calls right away?

In most cases, a player man will not answer all these phone calls all the time. And this is because there are other individuals who he does not want to know you. Perhaps he is flirting with another girl, his guy friends, his family members.[Also read: How To Get Him To Like You Back]

And the key is that he does not want this person to notice if there is a girl existing in his life. Therefore, he will screen his calls by telling you he will definitely call you back. The same thing if ignores the calls when he is with you, probably there is another lady he is avoiding you from knowing about her.

  • Understand his body language

Generally, a guy who is playing with your feeling does not love you; he will be overconfident, flirtatious, or braggart. He will strut or swagger when talking. Sometimes he will smirk as if he got some hidden secrets.

 You notice that he likes touching other individuals so much, avoids the public displays of affection with you, especially when around other individuals. Further, a player seems to be outgoing and extroverted; he enjoys attention, talking a lot, and using direct eye contact. If he really loves you, he will do the vise vasa.


Basically, the above are the strongest signs of a man who is playing with your feeling, simply because he is after something, not love. So, when a lot of the above red flags are cropping up, be wise not to risk.

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