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How to Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It: 11 Crucial Tips You Must Know - Centre Dating

How to Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It: 11 Crucial Tips You Must Know

Guys are pretty bad when it comes to expressing their feelings to those they love. Knowing How to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it will be a great role in helping you understand whether he really likes you or not.

how do you know if a guy likes you

With the below tips, it can be easier to eventually figure out when a guy secretly starts falling for you. The next step is maybe you should start flirting with him if you like him back so it can be easier for him to make the move.

How To Know If A Guy Likes You: 11 Tips You Must Use?

  • His eye contact

Among the major reasons a man will look directly at you is when he starts loving you. Besides, he might try getting that direct eye contact or sometimes shy when he instantly catches eye contact right with you.

So if his eye contact wanders to your mouth or he is maintaining his eye contact right with then know that he definitely likes you.

  • He is making effort in conversation

When you realize that a man makes an extra effort towards talking to you then he likes you. He might begin an awkward conversation and it will end up being a great chance of knowing each other.

In sometimes he might complement how good your tone of voice and listening skills is good. If he makes his voice present and deep and asking you different questions then he is crushing on you badly.

  • He pays attention to your reaction when making a joke or comment

Of course, this is one of the easy indicators to notice if the guy likes you. When you are with his friends watch him out. Once he makes any jokes or comments he immediately looks right at you to realize your reaction. This shows that this guy is trying to eventually impress you or seeking your approval.[ Also Read: How To Get A Guy To Like You Back]

  • He has a hero feeling when he is around you

Generally, hero instinct is a pure legitimate concept right in any relationship mentally and physically. According to the expert’s men have this biological urge to eventually provide and protect their women. So when a guy is around and unleashes his protection and having that feeling of being a hero then he likes.

  • He starts looking more classy

When a guy starts loving you will notice that he readjust his look and clothes. Further, he might also start running his hands on his hair with a focus on making him better and tidying him up. Of course, the male birds tend to groom up their feathers when trying to eventually attract their love interest.

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  • He is jealous when you are talking to other guys

Besides, jealousy is a very strong emotion and also challenging to control. Thus, if a man likes you he may start over and wondering what up when you’re on phone calls or physically talking to other men.

And he might also get disgruntled and angry when you talk to him next. Fortunately, for some men making them jealous might be actually a motivation for them to take action, so he might make his last-ditch effort to make you know he wants you as a love partner.

  • He keeps touching you

Men are a little bit physical compared to women. Meaning, if a guy is trying to touch you even when it’s not necessary. This might be a major sign of telling you how much he is falling for you.

For example, he might be emphasizing something and then touches your knee or hand, immediately know that this is a small signal showing his true feelings.

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  • He is interested in helping you solve your problems

In essence, men are natural issues solvers. Thus if he is falling for you, he will find a good solution to your problems anytime. He will scan his mind searching for answers to make you comfortable and happy.

Further, he might also move the extra mile of even giving you a big amount of support that you can never expect from a friend.

  • He compliments with you

Generally, complementing is another great and natural way of gauging a guy’s interest. Yes, many guys might give out their compliments to you but they don’t mean it. However, a guy who truly likes you will start complimenting you even on the small things you do.

For example, it might be exceptional tidbits of your personality or some changes right on your hairstyle. This means that this man pays attention to you and also likes you.

  • He connects on social media

He starts following you right on Instagram, adds you on his Facebook and other social media platforms, then they’re a good chance this guy is interested in you. He might go further likes your pics, posts and take the whole friendship to another level. In this case, then he might be mad at you, so expect to receive some texts from him.

  • He teases you

Essentially, it is also a great sign that can tell that a guy loves you. He will tease because he needs your attention. He might also be trying to joke around you and making you laugh and be happy now and then.

In this duration, he may also get a chance to ask you endless questions about your life if you have a friend and so on. If this is the case, then decide on whether to give him your heart or not because sooner he will approach you.

Final verdict on how to tell if he likes you

Men are sometimes afraid to express their true feeling but if a guy really likes you may begin to see the above signs. It is not a crime to express your feeling to people you like. So, if you still feeling the same about the guy you can confidently talk to him regarding it. Luckily, the above are top tricks that can be used to learn how to tell if a guy likes you but is hiding it.

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