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How To Get A Guy To Like You Back When He Knows You Like Him

How to get a guy to like you back when he knows you like him can be a daunting task. We all have been there. There’s this handsome man that you like but you are not sure whether or not he feels the same for you. He is sending mixed signals and this isn’t helping anything at all

A lot of questions are running through your mind whether he Is flirting or Is he just trying to stay in the friend zone? The good news is you can get any man you want.

how to make him like you

The way to win a man’s heart is no secret, you just have to know how to make him like you back and do it the right way. In this article, I will share a few tips that will make any guy want you more than anything in the world.

Steps Before You can Try To Get Him Back

The first step when trying to learn how to make a guy like you back is to reflect on your former relationship through:

  • Give yourself time

This should be the first thing in this specific case. Of course, you need this guy to start thinking about you, so ensure he has that limited access over you.

This may sound extreme but it’s the whole truth. Ignore his calls, block him right on social media, and also avoid places which he usually goes. This will trigger him to start thinking about you often. Also read: How To Tell A Girl That You Like Her

Further, remember to give your time to make meaning of this situation and grieve for yourself. Heal all your wounds so that when he comes back you will take a new direction in your relationship. Time makes feel relaxed and removes tension right from your body while giving your a positive attitude.

  • Think about where you went wrong

Be honest with yourself before trying to make things right with your guy. In this case, have ample time to do the soul searching asking yourself what might have ended your relationship. Again think about where you should change the dynamic, where you are too distant, moody, or too flirtatious.

Highlight the things you went wrong and evaluate the ones you can control. There are only things to get your guy back through making some things different on the next chance. Think if you were dealing with significant change or going through a challenging time, thus you might be more ready if you feel positive and stable.[ Also read: How To Tell If He Loves You]

Here Is How to make a guy like you back:

  • Feel and look classy

Get your hair and nails done to pay attention to hygiene and grooming. Pick your best outfit and warm bubble bath then relax. This feeling will make you feel the best. Be confident, be yourself, and have fun, this guy will certainly notice. Avoid forcing it because he may end up pushing him far instead.

Overall avoid acting desperate at all. If you meet him with his friends say hi to his friends. When you met him alone say hello and don’t bother discussing with him anything about your breakup. In addition. Hand out with your friends, have fun, take some road trips and clean your apartment. These things will eventually turn him on and start looking for you.

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  • Let your guy see you having a great time

Enjoy, have a nice smile, be more classy and let him notice you are fully enjoying and bringing pleasure to people around you and the world. Don’t fake it be comfortable enough and have a great time without him if you need him back.

Let him see you giggling and laughing with friends. Be fully engaged in the conversation you make and let him you being gesturing, animated, and making great points. Further, you can also have fun activities out there and let him see you are energized and enjoying what you do. Overall, this guy will eventually miss spending time with you again.

  • Make an eye contact

This step might sound small but it works magic. Slow down and look to your companion rightly in the eye instead of rushing around and getting distracted with your phone.

Besides, remember the way you used to typically get lost in the early days in each other’s eyes. Therefore, taking this time and get lost again is a surefire trick to fall in love and reignite the spark again.

  • Develop confidence

Self-confidence and assertiveness are naturally attractive to many individuals. Thus showing your man that you are capable of getting happy brings natural desire and appeal. Generally, when he notices your confidence and sees you happy with what you do and who you are he will miss coming back to you.

In this case, speak in an effective and clear manner rather than talking softly and mumbling. Command the attention specifically with your voice to this guy to notice that you are confident in your words.

Develop positive thinking and start seeing good things rather than bad. Further, stay physically and mentally strong through having regular exercise.

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  • Make a move through and Express your feeling to him

Now that you have caught his attention, reflected where you went wrong, and improved yourself the next thing is expressing your feeling to him. In essence, this part might be hard, however, swallow your pride, get over your nervousness for the best results. Open up and let him feel what you want because it’s worth it.

In this case, choose the right time and place and try to have him alone when his has in a good mood. If you are the one who made mistake just apologize and be specific to show him you are self-aware. Further, be honest and tell him how you miss having him back in your life. Tell him you are a changed person and ready to for him again.

  • Give him time

Besides, if the ex is receptive and ready to have you back then he will start asking you for dinner nights and spending time with you in the company of his friends. In this case, avoid repeating your former mistakes instead improve yourself. Again avoid pressuring him too much for both of you to be able to focus on the present.

Begin afresh, think about begging a new relationship, and don’t dwell on the past. Remember, to be the same girl your guy fell in love with right at the beginning by being yourself. Rehash the old arguments and also try to prove if you are a changed person.

When to walk away

Sometimes you might try everything and this ex-boyfriend still doesn’t give in for a second chance. In this case, too much damage might have been done.

So, if your former guy is ignoring you, being mean to you, and resisting your advances even after trying everything, it’s maybe the right moment to walk away. In this case, remember not all relationships can get salvaged, so don’t feel embarrassed about sharing your feelings and opening up.

Final verdict on how to get a guy to like you back

Are you still wondering how to get a guy to like you back? Generally, it can be challenging to make him love you without a supportive guide. Fortunately, I got you covered. Below are the top easy tips that will help make you your favorite guy you.

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