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How To Make A Guy Chase You:7 Crucial Tips You Must Use

How To Make A Guy Chase You:7 Crucial Tips You Must Use

How to make a guy chase you will require the right strategy. Ladies feel good when they are desirable. Now you may be feeling tired of chasing, and you are looking forward to also feeling the thrill of getting pursued.

how to get a man to chase you

Don’t worry; we got you covered. In the article below, allow me to take you through top basic strategies and insights tested and proved if you want to know how to make him chase you.

How To Get A Guy To Chase You Fast

  • Wow, your guy with confidence

Generally, confidence is attractive, and individuals may be drawn right from confident people. Therefore, allow your guy to see how assertive you are by dressing in the best clothes, which make him feel good.

You may use expressive and open body language and make eye contact. Of course, anytime a confident person, regardless of sexual preference or gender, walks in the room, he takes everyone’s attention. Overall, look confident in what you do and your skin.

  • Make yourself busy

Once in a while, consider using your period to do things you love. Avoid making your things and plans revolve around him overall. And this means you do not necessarily need to spend the whole day contacting him or waiting for his call, text.

Also, if he calls or messages, you don’t respond immediately. In this case, he will know that his girl got a more awesome life and make him as well wonder what keeps you more preoccupied.

Let him realize you got things that keep you busy by not availing yourself to him every time. In addition, you may choose to be quiet for more days and make him wonder where have you been and what are you up to.

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  • Utilize your feminine charm

Connect and love your femininity. And since men are said to naturally draw right to feminine energy, consider taking advantage of this. Your feminine side may draw the guy closer, making him chase you more. Thus, with a girl’s feminine charm, you seem attractive and desirable in your guy’s eyes.

Below is how you should make the charm work:

How To Get Him To Chase You Without Look Desperate?

How to get a man to chase you
  1. Laugh and smile naturally
  2. Take good care in your hygiene, clothing, etc
  3. Consider finding beauty in the surrounding
  4. Appreciate his efforts
  5. Be vulnerable not showing signs and symptoms of neediness
  6. Compliment his sincerely
  7. Make some frequent eye contact whenever your discuss something with him

Remember, the focus here is being friendly, warm, and inviting.

  • Mimic his mannerisms and movements

Whenever you are with your man’s movements, subtly mirroring his postures, facial expressions, and mannerisms are vital tips. The experts state that such a movement may make your guy want to have more interactions with his girl and increase attraction feeling.

For example, when he gazes at your eyes, touches your hair, laughs a lot, and does the same. However, be subtle when doing it to avoid him realizing that you are up to it on purpose.

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How To Know If A Guy Likes You Back

  • Create mystery air

Do you want your man to chase you, then make him smitten via twisting the things a bit to eventually receive what you want? In this case, avoid being a movie or an open book. This means you should not reveal your whole life or share your entire past intimate once.

Further, considering keeping some things secret doe later create curiosity and anticipation. Generally, you get mysterious even without compromising your integrity and confidence.

Below are top ways of being mysterious quickly:

  • Act opposite to what he expects
  • Let the guy see a good peek at your personality every time you may be enjoying life moments together.
  • Plan an appreciative surprise for him
  • Tell your guy secret but not the whole thing

In this way, this man will feel attracted to a mysterious, dynamic, and attractive woman in you. Your mystery sense is fire, which keeps the man coming back more and more.

  • Be active on your social media platforms

Share more stories, update the profile picture and post new and sexy images. You should be on your man’s mind if you are looking to be chosen. Make your guy jealousy and make him wish that you could be spending time together rather than other people hanging out with you.

  • Please talk about your hobbies, passion, and career around him

Besides, having fulfilling and meaningful life makes you an interesting woman to be around. In this case, consider to talk things which you are passionate about and telling him the projects you might be working on.

Further, show him how intelligent, exceptional, and interesting human being you are. In addition, ask him different questions regarding his interest, avoid acting superior, and constantly about your goals and plans. This may make you seem plain unrelatable or unattainable.

  • Flirt with him

Naturally, men are said to fall in love with ladies who make chase exciting and exciting. Instead, enjoy flirting with him and chasing in a subtle way. Do this via:

  1. Touching his arms lightly
  2. Locking his gaze and making eye contact
  3. Touching your hair when laughing his jokes
  4. Remove something on his shirt gently
  5. Ask him questions that draw some attention to himself

In essence, ensure you won’t act this aggressively because men tend to adore women who generally flirt in a feminine way.

  • Don’t be dramatic

Men naturally avoid ladies with too much drama because they cannot handle such emotions. Therefore, once they sense you are such dramatic, he may run from you.

Besides, guys would instead have a peaceful and loving relationship with a woman who has battles but not who is arguing over nothing, always whining, fighting, and complaining. Besides, if you are dramatic, below are simple ways for minimizing drama:

  • Choose your battles
  • Change and step back your perspective
  • Avoid feeding yourself with people’s dram
  • Don’t hang around with toxic individuals

With this, prepare for winning.

Conclusion On How To make a guy chase you fast

Of course, sometimes you will be engaged with a guy you love, later desire he would chase you. Regardless of that, it’s normal for men to chase ladies; without functional and practical tricks, it may be hard for them to do so. Now make your guy chase you with the above tricks.

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