How To Ask A Guy Out Without Sounding Desperate

How to get a guy to ask you out will require the right approach. Some guys are outgoing while some are very introverted, you need to welcome them and flirt with them when necessary.

how to ask a guy on a date

Here are a few tips you can use when trying to learn how to get him to ask you out

How To Get Your Crush To Ask You Out

Besides, crushing on a certain guy and wishing that he ask you out may be exciting as well as very frustrating. the below tips in your mind and practice them perfectly to meet your expectations towards that guy.

  • Flirt

Flirting can be the best way to start when trying to learn how to get a guy to ask you out. In this case, subtle flirt, drop your hints and find the best way of complimenting him.

Further, speak softly, be enticing wear something which showing off the best assets and some little cleavage. You can also make fun of him by teasing him over his outfits or interests and remember flirting is everything about subtlety.

  • Work your body

Generally, your body language might trigger a guy to realize that you might be more than a friend. In this case, you can be playing with your nails, hair time after time and make it decent, maintain eye contact makes him smile, and ensure you catch his attention.

Also when sitting or standing lean towards him then keep your hands right at your sides or preferably use your arms to gesture. This will make him know that your body is fully open for the combination.

  • Know yourself

In essence, self-discovery is the first ongoing process that we go through in our lives. In this case, we will always grow and change as individuals. And this is the essential step most probably when trying to attract someone towards your fever.

Knowing yourself before anything else will make you feel comfortable and confident. To make it more simple know your weaknesses and strengths to always identify what you can handles what you cannot. These are some of the top mindsets which will automatically make someone attractive to guys.

  • Have a positive attitude

A positive attitude will not only make you attractive but also be beneficial for your career and life. Putting positive spin tends to motivate us even in frustrations and act lighter.

Make you mood preference to hugely win when it comes to attracting a guy. Generally, many men instinctively tend to be attracted to happy ladies. They feel a pleasant vibe and comfortable when around women who overcome their low moods.

  • Be a high-value woman

This means having your standards followed by sticking right with them. Men like and fall in love with ladies are both feminine and strong. They assume that you are complete and strong even though you need and enjoy getting a partner.

In this case, continue doing the things you enjoy and love doing and have time for yourself. Fortunately, independent ladies tend to add men into their life even without giving any extra activates and hobbies. Just because you are mad with this guy does not mean you lose yourself and grow distant right from your friends.

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  • Know him better

Of you should have been friends before you start crushing on this guy. Men love when you show interest towards them, what he does, what he hates/likes and what he is going through in life. This makes them feel special and is attracted to you. When he is in a good mood just ask him questions about his life to eventually know him better.

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  • Be playful

Men are attracted to humor ladies with good sense. Thus, when you start showing playfulness this tells him about your fun personality. Therefore, when you are in a certain discussion bring some fun things and make him laugh.

Also, you can lightly touch his shoulder or arm when talking as a way to attracting him. Any kidding or joking around each other might works magic more than you could expect.

  • Kindness

Among the most significant things, individuals find attractive is kindness. Ultimately treating someone with kindness and have consideration is a major key for a long-term relationship. Remember, being overly defensive, showing contempt, and condescending are relationship killers. And that is why kindness is an essential foundation towards attracting someone.

  • Wear funky jewelry

In many cases, men are poor when it comes to communicating. They will find a way to approach someone with a question or comment. Thus, if you love and wear things that are shiny and catching then you will give him a chance to ask you.

In this case, wear the most interesting earrings and the biggest ring and hit two birds right with one stone with your cute accessory.

Discuss your hobbies

When you are around him talk about things you like doing such as doing yoga, keeping fresh flowers, having an enjoyable night’s sleep, reading books, etc. In one way or another guy might get interested in your hobbies or fortunately you might be sharing hobbies meaning this will bring you more closely.

Final verdict on How to get a guy to ask you out

Making your favorite guy ask you should not be hectic and challenging with tips like above. These tips have worked for many people and I hope they will still work for you. Good luck

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