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How To Tell If A Guy Really Likes You Or just Wants To Sleep With You

In today’s world most dudes just want sex from you but not true love. Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to discover, unless you have some hints like below. How To Tell If A Guy Really Likes You Or just Wants To Sleep With You?

signs he wants to sleep with you

Simply because most intelligent and charming men “players” who are always interested in having sexual relationship seems to be smart when it comes to avoiding sexual relationships in the first meeting.

 Their goal is to make a lady feel seducible and safe by giving the wrong impression. To avoid falling into such temptations, be aware of the below ten signs to know if you are only being for the sex.

10 Signs He Just Wants To Sleep With You

Below are some tips to consider when looking to find out How to tell if a guy really likes you or just wants to sleep with you.

  • His emails and texts are sexual and flirty.

 A man who likes you has unique and respectful communication content. But, on the other side, the players always used emails and texts as opportunities to eventually turn your discussion into a sexual conversation.

 He is on weary texts such as “Is it right if we make love now, are you on your sexy nightdress”? When you notice this kind of SMS from a guy you call a boyfriend, don’t respond; instead, tell him about the areas in your life or any other story to change the story. When he notices you are not interested in his sexy and seducing stories, he will definitely stop the conversation.

  • He is only into how you look

Of course, it is great when your boyfriend appreciates your look and appearance. However, men who are genuinely in love with someone will compliment on qualities like a sense of humor, intelligence, and values. On the other hand, dudes who are into sex will only compliment how sexy your body looks, your great hair, your hot ass, your hot bombs, etc.

 Be wary of such men who tend to become over-familiar even before getting a good chance of developing the relationship intimate with you for some time. To shut this man down, next time he does the same act or makes such a comment, tell him you want to know the inner qualities he likes, such as creative intelligence.

  • Conversations turn sexual in most cases.

When he calls you, even if the topic is not all about sex, a man focused on sex will find any way to bring the sex topic in between the conversation. For example, you talk to him about how successful your sales were and remarks how a client did not see your beauty. 

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 When you talk to him about how hard you are waiting to reach home and soak into a hot shower, he wishes he will be there to eventually wash your stomach or your back. Now, to put some boundaries on these cases, let this guy be aware that non-sex conversations is what can turn you on and not what he thinks.

  • His idea to entertain you is listening to a music or watching a movie

A dude who is targeting to have a long-lasting relationship will always share things like cultural events and activities with you. Further, they are curious to know you deeper, your likes, your dislikes, etc. On the other hand, a guy who is only looking to bed with you thinks that only coming with pizza under the guise of your date will make you fall into a trap.[Read: How to Know If He Is Interested In You]

 And to deal with boredom and appease you, he suggests listening to music together or watching a movie either in your place or his. And this creates an illusion that you may be doing more even than having sex, but his actual plans are just to go to bed with you and then finish the movie. What to do in this condition, don’t allow watching a movie or a video in his place. Rather you can suggest doing another activity which gets you from his place.

  • He feels uncomfortable when you are spending his money

I understand love is not all about money, but dating is a bit expensive. Dealing with a man who is so stingy that he even cannot buy you some drinks when you are out, is one sign that he is not ready for any long-term relationship.[Also read: 13 Signs To Look For On A Guy That Like You]

And of course, this does not seem a good approach, especially if the man asked you to go and hang out with him, it now late he even not caring how you reach home, you spend the whole time hungry. This is too much.

  • He takes too much time to reply to you or even does not

Do you always need to triple or double text your dude to get his reply or attention? Then he might ignore you because he is demanding something from your and normally sex. Of course, a guy who likes, he makes an effort to reach out by replying back.[Read: How To Get Him To Like You Back]

  • He suddenly gets angry when you refuse to have sex.

Only a shameful due looking to only sleep with you will get angry when you say to him,” hi I am a bit tired and just want to get home early and rest”  When your man loves you truly, he enjoys being around you, your company even in the absence of sex. 

He feels satisfied when you are only hanging out together; even if you normally bend with him, he seems to get satisfied when you are not ready for it. He will share a good passionate kiss and hug for another day goodbye. 

But a man whose mind is to have sex with you only, will always pressure and insist to you have quick sex even when it’s not your will. He even gets extremely angry and wants to force you if you are not receptive. When you meet get yourself in such cases, don’t argue when he gets upset because you refused to have sex just wish him goodnight.

  • The foreplay is too faster

When a guy truly respects you and likes you, he sees you as a prospect for a long-term and happy relationship. He moves right from bedding with you to having intimate feelings over you. This means that foreplay can last longer simply because it’s enjoyable to kiss, hug and touch everywhere. This joy is a journey and not an organism’s destination.[Read: Signs He Likes you More Than A Friend]

However, a man who just wants to eventually abuse you sexually will not seem to like touching or kissing too much. This is because he has a ready body for quicker sex, not even thinking about satisfaction, but he thinks of gratification. If in any way you sense the foreplay is rushed, gently stop and ask your man to slow down so you both can catch up. That all

The Final Thought On How To Tell If He Really Likes You Or Wants To Sleep

Sex in absence of love ends up painful heart-breaking. Therefore, just do when you get a chance to avoid such men who only want sex with you and finish the game. And I hope after reading this article, you now got hot hints whether the guy you call hot dude is for a long-term relationship or just for upcoming heartbreak.

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