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How To Know If A Boy Likes You But Is Hiding It - Centre Dating

How To Know If A Boy Likes You But Is Hiding It

In some cases, men find it hard to share their feelings or emotions with people they like. He might be fearing that the lady is not ready for his feelings, or maybe he is feeling that he rushed to it. Basically, in love and relationships, many of us get afraid of taking the first step of admitting that we have feelings for a certain lady. That brings us to the question of how to know if a boy likes you but is hiding it

how to tell a boy likes you bu hiding it

 If the man you are dating is in this state, then knowing if he likes or not can be a challenging task. Fortunately, we have deep-researched and come up with real signs on how to know if a guy likes you but is hiding it.

How to know if a guy likes you but is hiding it

Below are some of the signs to look for to know whether he likes you it or not:

  • He always tries of make you happy

This is among the biggest signs that a dude likes a lady but getting it hard to let her know. In this case, he may change his acting way when you are with him just to impress you. He tells you more about his life history, what he likes, his dislikes, where he had traveled before, and so many.

 He wants you to feel that he is a go-getter, and he can even move far to brag and puff his chest so he can prove he is among the best.

  • He keeps an intense eye contact.

Does your body watch you just like a hawk? Then he might be demonstrating the much interest he has for you indirectly. He does this because he doesn’t imagine missing your perfect smiles, thus keeps looking at your to eventually grab your attention. 

If you are not sure if he likes you, he might be hiding the feelings; watch him and see if he keeps watching every second of your life acts. Now when you seem like paying close attention to this guy you like, he may feel confident to get some hint and get inspired to make his first move of expressing his feelings.

  • He has some jealousy flashes.

Try and talk about your ex-boyfriend when you are around your current guy or preferably another dude friend and see his reaction, men seem to have ingrained instincts of protection that come out as jealousy. But this is just a natural emotion in the psychology part. Despite that men and women have, men tend to faster display it more outwardly compared to ladies.

 Now, if your man sometimes feels upset when you crush with other boys out there, don’t judge him wrong because he has hidden feeling that tells makes him feel threatened by what you’re doing. And this is another pretty definitive that can prove to you that your guy got strong feelings towards you.

  • He slyly wants to know if you are single.

Besides, asking someone about his status is taken as a loud way of announcing your emotions and interest towards her. You guy might be trying hard to hide the acts that he likes but do all he can to have clear information about you using other means. In most cases, he may try to know how is your boyfriend doing, You are open to you, you are no longer dating or otherwise.

  • He tends to give you some mixed signals.

Please don’t get confused when you realize that your crush is acting differently each time you are with him. It might be a sign that he has hidden feelings that he likes you. Sometimes when he is around you, he may be kind, sweet, charming, and even funny.

Next time you may see him being the opposite rude, not bothered, closed off, or defensive. When these are some of the acts you see your guy with, then know that he is struggling with your feelings and just hiding the facts. He wants to wanna play it slow and cool to avoid the rush. In essence, men don’t choose their preferred ladies based right on any logical reasons.

  • He keeps asking you questions and listening to your answers

This guy with hidden feelings will want to know about the details of your life, your doing on a daily basis, about your everyday feelings simply because he likes you. The love feeling is pushing him to just hear that you are okay. Therefore, alongside asking questions, he also becomes protective.

  • He likes complimenting on you

Compliments together with the kind acts are pretty ways of knowing if a guy likes you but instead hiding it. For example, when a guy gives you thoughtful, sincere, and honest compliments whenever he sees you, then he might be hiding that he is falling for you. Also, this guy can go ahead and offer his talents and help to you, including making your hair, making your makeup, etc., based on someone’s talents.

  • He avoids talking about other ladies

If your man has never mentioned anything about other women, don’t just take it for granted. There is a big reason behind it. One, he might be scared that you may think he has crushed on them. Secondly, he really doesn’t want you to feel that he likes someone else. And even if he bumps to any other lady out there, he will never tell you about it. So it is probably yes, that he has even mentioned to you that he is single.

  • He apologies even when it is not necessary

It’s crazy when a guy likes but is unable to let you know. Even in the most minor mistakes, which you know it by accident he did it, he will apologize. He feels so sorry when you get mad with him and cannot stop calling or texting you until you accept his apology.

The final thought on how to know if a boy likes you but is hiding it

Hopefully, you now have a clear idea if that dude who you may be like likes you back. Above are top key secrets that a dude likes you but hides his feelings until the right time to make you know. So if you like him back, then let him know because he is probably hiding it because he fears that the feedback will break his heart.

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