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What Do Girls Like In A Man: 13 Things Expert Say

What Do Girls Like In A Man: 13 Things Expert Say

What do girls like in a man? This is among the most frequently asked questions, especially from men who are not married or dating. Do women look at smiles, eyes, or something special and deeper than that?

what girls like in a men

In today’s article, you will have the correct and functional answers to your figure tips. Allow me to take you through a simple and quick of what girls like in men.

What Girls Like In Men

  • Trustworthy

This is the first aspect a woman looks into a man before she says yes. If you are trustworthy and honest, then you become more desirable and appealing to a girl. Besides, if your girl is truthful, dependable, speaks from her heart, and is genuine, you should be the same for you to bond with her. Generally, the experts say that trustworthiness and honesty allow many relationships to go for longer and deepen.

  • Patience

The experts say that love and kind and patient. The ability to be patient is among the aspects that girls look into men. No woman likes to have a guy who screams or throws punches when he is on a bad day or gets angry, don’t be temperamental.

  • Vulnerability

Don’t be surprised to hear that this trait is common to many women before they say yes. And this is because if a man is vulnerable, it means he can meet his girl mentally and emotionally. You will also discuss things that matter at that specific time and place, which makes many girls feel comfortable and not out of place.

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  • Compassion

A guy who is empathetic and compassionate is a major step ahead of attracting ladies. Generally, women are looking for mean who they can trust and open even their deep secrets to them, whether bad or good, with fears.

Overall, being empathetic means you can understand someone else situation, point of view then sympathize with her condition and situation. Women really get interested to guys who desire to and have the ability to show their concern and care for others as well.

  • Make her feel confident and comfortable in her skin tone

This is another top aspect that can easily make your girl hate you. Naturally, women like men who will feel proud of their skin tone and make them feel comfortable within the first days of minutes of having a conversation with her. Don’t compare her with your past ex-girlfriend or friends to pass this test.

  • Confidence

Being confident simply means you are comfortable with what you do, yourself, and most importantly, believing in yourself in everything you do. In this case, a girl responds positively and is also upbeat that the energy her confident man is always putting out there.

  • Be a good conversationalist

Knowing how perfectly approach and speak to your girl is another aspect women look into men. Just like the sense of good humor, ensure to always maintain your conversation to attract your girl. Don’t introduce many boring topics to her after all; minimize what you tell her.

  • Integrity

This means having strong moral character and acting virtuously. Besides, women are believed to desire men who are fair, honorable, and ethical. When we talk about relationships, with integrity personality means that you strengthen bonds with your girl. And when integrity extends in the relationship, a man will treat a girl with kindness and fairness.

  • Emotional availability

Overall, women are again known to desire men who are naturally forthright and honest compared to ones who are emotionally unavailable and cut off. While openly and fully expressing feelings might be seen as awkward and strange right first, it is essential to be capable of showing the emotional, vulnerable, and human side of who you are to build a long-lasting relationship.

Remember, for a girl to strongly bond with you, you should not be afraid of telling the your true feeling and also discussing them openly. And sometimes, this may mean sharing some of your past and talking about your failed relationship.

  • Sense of humor

This does not mean that you will be a comedian entirely to attract a girl. However, having the capability of joking around, goofing off, and other interesting senses of humor can highly contribute to her loving you.

Share your love values perspective and what you think makes her happy and laugh. It is a simple fact that a man who tends to exude lightheartedness, happiness, and positive energy in this world makes his woman want to always have him around.

  • Respect

If you are looking to have a successful, healthy, and happy relationship, you should respect each other. Don’t maker your girl feel taken for granted, treated poorly, or dispensable; she may soon drop you to avoid heartbreak.

However, when any person is made feel patronized or disrespected, this is an alert sign of ending a relationship. According to doctor love, a woman can get drawn to her man if he shows that he gives respect and care she deserves.

  • Maturity

It is always essential to show a girl that you are natural physically and emotionally and capable of keeping open line conversation. To show this up, think rationally, avoid overreacting and also solve issues together in case of any hot discussion.

  • Good grooming

Look good and dress well regardless of which place you are. This is because; you can never guess that specific time you will come across a girl of your dream. Besides, women believe that if you are presentable, then it reflects your capability of taking care of her.

Summary On What Girls Really Like In A Man

A long-lasting and good relationship is typically built right on some basic, as I have mentioned above. Further, there are some qualities like good looks, sexual chemistry, patience, and others above which you should include in your personality when looking forward to attracting a girl.

The above topics can also make it simple for your woman to understand you better and be your life partner and best friend. Make sure you are naturally practicing them for the right reasons.

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