How To Start A Conversation With A Girl: 3 Crucial Tips That Work

How to start a conversation with a girl over text, On Snapchat, or in-person can be nerve-wracking. The fact is that it might be nerves to finally break the silence and to a girl, you like for the first time.

how to start conversation with girls

However, the tactics and tips you will use in this session will determine if she likes you back. Don’t worry again, here are the top tips you should consider before starting a conversation with a girl you like.

How To Start Conversation With A Girl You Like

Step 1: Break the ice

  • Begin the conversation by saying something that catches her attention

You just don’t need to have so brilliant thing. Come up with simple terms “like hi” I need help should I have brown tea or chocolate cup”

  • Make a little comment regarding something you think its common between you both

This may automatically spark her interest. Just look around and figure out what you should complement to begin the conversation. Generally, it is not must you say something big.

For example, when you are in a coffee shop, you can say how coffee is good on cold chilly days. Of course, this is a common thing to almost everyone at that specific weather.[ Also read: How To Make Her Like You]

  • Request something special from her

This tip may encourage her towards liking you back. But don’t ask for money; tell her, “I request you a small favor.” This may seem weird and hard to say, but it can make a woman love you. If she agrees, say, “ can you please pass salt for me” could you please hand the creamer to me,” etc.

  • Calm yourself if you are anxious

Use deep breaths to calm yourself because it is normal to have butterflies. Close your eyes, breath, and ensure you have the confidence to do this.

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  • Respond to her conversation to keep the conversation going

When talking to a girl, you will need to go forth and back. So, talk back to her whenever she says something responding to your statements, question you, and try keeping the topics cheerful and happy. For example, she may respond coffee is top in chilly weather. Go ahead and ask her about her favorite coffee drink.

  • Stay confidential

Try and combat your nervousness and thoughts. Keep asking questions and smiling, stand up upright and clear your voice as well. In most cases, girls find confidence in men attractive.

Step 2: Preparing in making a move

  • Smile at her to see how she reacts

A smile is the best indication to tell if she is willing to talk back to you. And if she smiles back, then it is a good time to approach her. First, look directly into her eyes to see if she is faking it or not.

For instance, if she is polite, smiling back at you, then her smile might be fake instead. A genuine one is probably to crinkle her eyes and lift her smiles.[Read: What Girls Like In A Man]

  • Watch for any other body language she may have

Positive body language tends to indicate that the girl is ready to talk to you as well. In this case, she might point her body towards you or uncrosses her legs or arms, play with her hair, fidget her clothes, etc. If she is still crossing her limbs, looking off, turning away right from away, then she might not be ready for you.

Step 3: Move forwards towards conversation

  • First, listen if she can say something.

Any conversation should be about taking and giving. Ensure you are focusing on what she may say to politely and correctly respond to her. Encourage her to start a conversation regarding herself.

  • Build your confidence

Before getting closer to her, compose yourself, making sure you got enough confidence when approaching her. And don’t push much forward as she may think you are aggressive and proud. In this case, you ask advice from the closest friend who had done this before on how he gained self-confidence.

  • Come up with interesting topics

Avoid boring topics which may make her feel bored. Highlight on interesting and right topics if think she might get interested in listening or talking about. Venturing to topics such as favorite cities, restaurants, latest movies will impress her.

  • Use the open-ended questions to keep conversations going

This type of question makes girls answer besides no or yes. It also let’s express their feeling unless your girl is shy. You may ask her if she likes music, her favorite music, her favorite pop singer to keep the conversation going and smooth.

  • Talk a little about yourself

If she tends to ask you questions, consider answering them honestly. The conversation should keep going forth and back because you don’t want to eventually drone about yourself. When doing this give her distance and space, so she feels safe with her body space.

  • End this conversation on a positive note

If things have gone well, you may need to try and set up something special for next time. In this case, you go ahead and ask her mobile number, so you call or text her, her social media handles, etc. further, you can open the possibility of hanging out again with her if possible and sure. End by saying, “how do you see if we have some coffee”?

  • If she is not ready to talk, don’t force

This can make you depressed or sad if your targeted woman fails to talk to you. But remember, you still need to respect and accept what she has decided. She might talk next time, so don’t lose hope, and if it is impossible, be friends and move on.

Conclusion On How To Start a conversation with a girl over text or in-person

You don’t have to overthink the ideas to use when planning to talk to your favorite girl for the first again. The above tips have worked for many of us, which encourages us towards bringing them to our readers. Imagine it’s possible that your girl will talk back to you, smile with the above tactic. What are you waiting for now? Gain confidence and do it? All the best

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