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How To Make A Girl Happy And Wants To Be With You

How To Make A Girl Happy And Wants To Be With You

How to make a girl happy will require the right approach. The fact remains that you cannot make someone happy, but you can possibly make it easier for her to mostly be happy when you are together.

how to make her happy

It is expensive and difficult to fully please a woman, most probably if you love her, but you have to make her feel special, loved, and smile when around her. And this contributes to your long-lasting and happy relationship as well. Without much said, below are tips to help you make your girl happy.

How To Make Her Happy Fast

  • Ask her what she needs

Rather than trying to figure out where you went and paying for games, ask her what she would want from you. In this case, if there is something not working, she will typically let you know.

However, listen keenly and also do your best when it comes to meeting her needs and expectations. You can generally say that you are having a challenging day or time, so you get the attention by asking yourself what it is.

  • Being a good listener

In this case, always ensure to pay attention to what your girl is telling you, then respond thoughtfully. A woman feels secure and respected when you listen to them before responding; it is an indication that you care for her.

In such a situation, consider giving her the attention she deserves, put your phone down and allow her to feel like the first priority in your life. Show her that you are actively listening to her but not passively by faster summarizing what she says before adding a comment or asking a question.

  • Show her your enthusiasm

Let it be clear how honestly you are gland to be around her because enthusiasm means contagious. By showing her how happy and genuinely excited you are, she will get happier, creating a solid bond between you.

Offer a big hug, kiss, smile, or little physical affection sign. On the other, when having a bad day or not feeling energized, try and make a little comment regarding how you had a bad day, so she becomes part of it. Now when she gets happy and excited, consider joining her to her enthusiasm.

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  • Be open to her

To practice this aspect, you may share even secretive things regarding yourself, which define you better. This is called self-disclosure, is important to bond through promoting healthy and happy relationships.

Further, ensure you are vulnerable by opening up and letting her know what she means to you. Talk about your dreams, hopes, and fear. Talk about your best movies, songs, memories, and books. These are little things that play a significant role to form a potent and emotional connection.

  • Earn her trust

Please do this by showing her how honest, dedicated and reliable you are to her. Besides, the experts say that earning women’s trust is really essential for a long-lasting relationship. Tell her the truth, be good in words as more time you are spending with her.

  • Giver your girl space

Many men tend to get jealous when their women want to have their own space. Regardless of how she loves or likes you, this woman will want to have a private space of doing her thing sometimes.

In this case, show her your trust and maturity and allow her to hang out with relatives and friends. By giving her freedom and space, she will be happy and note that you are mature and understandable.

  • Maker her laugh

In some cases, be funny in distinctive ways making your girl laugh. Besides, when you ask her what she finds attractive in you in a potential romantic manner, this is also a good start of humor.

Show you distinctive humor and also encourage her to do so and have a good and long laugh together. Teasing your girl gently can as well be funny; however, be careful not to cross her boundaries. This means if she finds your humor not attractive, stop and drop it.

  • Compliments her

You should be able to show your girl verbal affection, which comes from your heart. At this point, let her know what she is perfect at, how important she means to you, and what you like about her most. A genuine and timely compliment can melt her heart.

  • Please respect her

When you give respect, you also expect to receive respect. In this case, be chivalrous when you are having good moments with your woman and learn to always treat her with respect and like a princess. Remember, she deserves your courteous side to satisfy her.

  • Be nice to her friends and relatives

Getting along with her relatives and family tends to give her mind to how she can have a conflict-free life with you. She feels happy knowing that her man, family, and friends are coexisting harmoniously.

  • Tell her three words, ” I love you.”

First, hold her hand, then deeply look directly into her eyes and say the three substantial works. Besides, it is among the most straightforward and most essential rules of any relationship; who does feel good when she knows that she is loved from the mouth of her man. Further, letting her know this love and how particular she will really make him very delighted.

  • Surprise her with gifts, flowers

Generally, women have the simplest form of getting happy. Are you looking to make her happy? Drop by her office, workplace, or her house randomly. Sending her unique flowers with her favorite color is among the top ways to make her feel ecstatic.

In addition, not necessary you purchase an expensive gift for her. A simple treat with her favorite chocolates, ice cream, or even a movie ticket to make our woman happy.

  • Show physical affection to her.

Physical affection shows that you care for her. You can simply do this by holding her hands, putting your hand right on hers when having a conversation. Placing your arms on her shoulders when she gets upset, come up, then slowly kiss her on the neck or cheek while hugging her. Nothing feels lovely than giving your woman a softback or foot massage after her long and tiring day at school or work.


Making your girl happy does not only mean telling her you to love her. No, it also means including some lovely and caring practices so she can prove what you are saying towards making her feel secure and happy as well. Don’t go further; the above are the top tactics for making your woman happy.

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