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How To Get A Girl To Like You through Text and In Person

How To Get A Girl To Like You Over Text: Step By Step Guide

How to get a girl to like you Over Text or in person might be challenging functional tips and techniques simply because women got their rules. Overall, it is hard to understand a girl unless you try and know how her mind works because you don’t expect her to fall in love with you one night.

how to make a girl you through text

In the short and simple article below, I will compressively teach you how to make a girl like you in the shortest time possible.

How To Make A Girl Like You Fast:

  • Have an interesting passion or hobby

When you are passionate about an interesting hobby, you lady will actually notice it. The experts say that there is something nice and lovely about the men who have an intense passion for something. The more you will get your hobby or passion, the more this girl gets attractive to get you practicing it.

It might be motorcycling, drawing; programming, reading, drawing, or even playing different instruments put time on time whenever she is around. In this way, you will notice how close she will become to you just to enjoy your hobby or passion.

  • Be trustworthy

This is a major issue for guys who are trying to attract girls but getting disappointed later simply because they are not reliable. In your girl eyes, make sure she can trust you.[Read: How To Start A Conversation With A Girl]

If she needs help or vent with something, also ensure you first person to get there. In this case, try and show her you are capable of taking care of everything she is passing through.

  • Have great hygiene

“Men” “Men” let water be your friend if you are looking to attract a certain girl. Smell good and decent, take a complete body shower, apply deodorant, shampoo the hair, and put on clean and decent clothes.

Why don’t you even purchase cologne? Spray it on yourself on the neckline and the wrist. The experts say that girls tend to easily fall for guys who smell great all the time.

  • Become her friend

Remember, there is a difference between being friend-zoned and becoming her friend. Go the extra mile and also make things that make your girl smile, send her best good, evening, morning text, or even leave little notes right in her car. Further, you can still take her via her issues, sympathize with her now you are set and almost there. In addition, buy flowers for her in the middle of the week and send them to her workplace or home.

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  • Act confidently when around her

In this case, you should quit comparing yourself to your friends because this may make you less confident. Practice being confident through doing activities which she may think you are a little uncomfortable doing, like taking another different hobby, talking to strangers just for a while.

In addition, maintain eye contact and stand in proper posture when interacting with her or others. Even when you fail at some things, still stand on confident about other related things.[ Also Read: What To Talk About A Girl You Like]

  • Use your manners

Talk to other people politely, help her with the shopping bag, open the car door for your girl, and sometimes offer to give her your coats when it is chilly. Learn to say thank you, please, when asking her to do or bring you something.

  • Ask a few questions regarding herself

Ask her what she likes doing and what she enjoys all through. Listen carefully and maintain eye contact to seem interested in what she is telling you. Thus, if the conversation is smooth, go further and ask personal questions about her future, background, and her goals.

However, remember you should respond honestly and be open to all questions she may also ask you. Also, avoid personal questions if you’re the girl is uncomfortable with them.

  • Spend ample time with her, her friends to ideally bond

You can be able to do this only if she is comfortable with it. Be polite and respectful when with her friends. Further, you may also look for events and things that you can enjoy doing as a group like going out, bowling or even attending some concert.

In addition, avoid forcing yourself into her private groups when she looks uncomfortable with it. Only hang around when she invites you.

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  • Introduce the girl when time is ready

If you feel comfortable, confident and have smiled at each other several times now, you can approach her. Introduce your names to her and ask her names as well. You can go further and mention something you may have in common.

In this case, ensure to maintain your smile and eye contact when talking to her so you will be approachable and friendly. At this point, this girl is interested in you; she tends to maintain your conversation or preferably give out her mobile number.

  • Touch the girl if she is comfortable

Begin by leaning a bit close to her when having a conversation or preferably by sitting a bit close to her. You can also go further and gauge her interest by touching her casually by bumping your arm into her hand or asking her if she feels comfortable hugging you. Remember, you should respect girl boundaries and space if you need to win them.

  • Now express your feelings to her

Since you have already spent some time together for some time, make her know that you like her. Open up and know she also thinks about you. In this case, be honest and patient with her to gauge her interest in you.

Finally, listen to her carefully and also learn to adapt and respect her decision. If she says she too likes you well and good, you are among lucky guys. Unfortunately, if she says not, never rush because you will later get disappointed. Take your time, befriends, and have confidence when handling rejection as well.

Final verdict On How To Get A Girl To Like You

How to get a girl to like you over text or in-person will require the right approach. Girls are not so hard to convince, but it depends on which tactics and tips a guy has used. Luckily, I got you covered.

For beginners, ensure you can endure patience; you are handy, reality and confident before attracting a girl. Overall, when you put the above tips into practice, then you win. Good Luck

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