How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend: Step By Step Guide

How to ask a girl to be your girlfriend sometimes can be difficult especially if you already know her. If you have had someone you have hung out with for some time now, it may be the right time to ask accept to be your girlfriend.

how do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend

The below ways may help you to ask your special person to be your girlfriend and get successful and happy results.

Here is How To Ask Her To Be Your Girlfriend:

Part one: Casual Approach – Know her better

If you are feeling that you truly need to ask someone to accept your request as your girlfriend, ensure you know her deep and better. In this case, try to chat with this woman; find out her dislikes, her likes, her hobbies, and what she acts when having fun. You can also add little flirting.

  • Catch her on right time

In this case, try to pick some time and talk to her when there are no people listening or distractions. Thus, you can take a walk; meet in a special public park head-on small coffee shop, block to have ample time. Don’t feel pressured that you must ask her everything you can save another time and question her.

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  • Engage in light conversation

You may ask your woman about her day or her funny story. Even if your target was to ask her to accept be your girlfriend, don’t rush try something like I love your laugh, your outfit is really nice. Further, you may keep it casual right with questions such as how is work going, etc.

  • Confess your feelings then tell her you want her as your girlfriend

Now it’s time. When you are in polite conversation take this time and let her know you love and like her for some time now and you would want her to be your favorite girlfriend. Besides, this may be a nerve-wracking part however do it.

In this case, you may try something such as I have some feelings for you, we have hung out for quite some time now, would be happy if you are my girlfriend.

  • Respond calmly regardless of her reply

If she agrees and says yes congratulations smile, laughs, and then confess how anxious you were towards asking her. And from here you may steer this conversation in another direction and move on to a memorable night.

And she says no she might not be ready for a relationship at that specific time doesn’t force it or sweat. You may continue to hand out with her because everyone’s situation is a bit different.

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Part two: Heartfelt approach

  • Be her friend

First, take ample time to know her as your close friend. Learn about her family, her friends, and what she dislikes, likes, etc. This will help the two of you have feelings for each other.

  • Ask her if she is comfortable spending some time with you

Now that you are at the level of being friends, allow both of you to start hanging out and invite her even to spend time with you only. In this case, you can go to the coffee shop, park, or out for dinner.

And if you need to be a bit cautious you may ask her to visit a place that is familiar that you have both wanted to visit. Further, if you need to be bolder, you can ask her to spend some evening or afternoon with you. Take her for an interesting show, a nice meal or a night of dancing.

  • Give her an inexpensive, small gift

The experts say that gift triggers a girl’s mind so you can frequently gift her. A box of chocolates or bouquet of beautiful flowers is nice to satiate her.

Generally, giving her some gifts is not much necessary, so if you know she does not like to stop. In this case, give her something which may remind her inside joke you had before.[ How To Make A Girl Like You Through Text]

  • Seriously tell her how you feel

Now after having some time of enjoying each other moment, sit down and tell her about that important thing you have been admiring to tell her. Ensure you undivided her attention and honestly tell her about your strong feelings towards her.

  • Accept her answer regardless of its negative or positive

If she will say yes, then it is good for you, keep hanging out, celebrate the fact that you are a couple. You can snap a few selfies to eventually remember this memorable moment in your life.

And if she will not accept well and good and you can still continue hanging out being friends before you she makes her mind or you get romance somewhere.

Part Three On How To AsK A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

  • Strike up the casual conversation

You should start with a simple text message to flow the conversation. Ask her how was her day, what she likes, what she is up to, or her plans for the weekend. And further, avoid words like ‘hey”.

  • Ask her some questions regarding her day

You will see where your conversation is leading naturally. Steer through asking a few questions regarding her day, how she feels. Even if she takes time to reply don’t lose hope maybe she is busy continuing with the conversation or preferably try this for another day.

  • Send her sweet messages and some compliments

Try flirting subtry by completing and telling her how much you feel and miss her. Try things like you always make me feel happy, I wish to see your beautiful face now with love emojis.

  • Tell her you like her

Go ahead and make her know you like her if most probably getting vibes she may like you. However, don’t be much serious, keep it casual and fun instead of a text convo.

  • Pop your question directly

Now that you have confessed your feelings, it is time to let her know about your big question. So go ahead, send it as a text message ” will you accept to be my special lady”, don’t be nervous because this is the only way to get a partner.

  • Accept the response

Learn to accept love response with grace. If she accepts you are lucky and if she does not well and good respect her decision further be friends if possible.

Final verdict On How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend

Asking a woman to accept your request as your girlfriend this is a beautiful and important question but sometimes may be challenging if you don’t have effective tips. The above are top tips you can try to have a long-term admired woman as your girlfriend.

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